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Hands On Session

A one on one session consists of a variety of ancient sound healing techniques, which include training received by  Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School. Depending on your current vibration, and particular areas you would like to focus on, together we will decide which protocol will work best. Each session will vary and is steered creatively and intuitively by acknowledging the things unseen, the place where great healing occurs. Much of this therapy is done in regard to the chakra system, and these energy based vibrational techniques will effect the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of the body in an incredibly rejuvenating, harmonious and healing way.

Some of these protocols can involve various instruments, chanting, tuning forks, and will always encompass a combination of multiple Himalayan sound bowls. Warm water therapy is a favorite for clients, which consists of warm sensations of sound bowl vibrations on the body as the bowls are filled with blessed warm water.

It is very important that a sacred environment is provided for clients. I often use smoke medicine such as copal resin, sacred tobacco or palo santo for the clearing and balancing of energy. One on one sessions typically will take place either on a massage table or a wooden floor. Sessions last approximately one to two hours. We will have a meeting of the minds before and after your session to cover all intentions, questions and concerns. I am often available via text messaging or phone calls for anything that may come up after the session.

Sound medicine is a wonderful way to bring yourself into alignment with your fullest potential. It is also an extremely effective healing tool for very specific ailments or injuries. It serves as a kind of "molecular massage" and is found to be quite relaxing and stress relieving, however, deep transformations and miracles are occurring as we peel through the layers. This is why it is recommended to continue this work either on your own, or with recurring sessions through a trained practitioner.



1-2 hrs

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