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Sound will be the medicine of the future.

Edgar Casey

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WHAT IS Vibrational Medicine?

Healing through sound has been practiced by humans as far back as we can discover. Sound and resonance is woven into the origin and creation of all, and can be used to do miraculous things. It is powerful medicine and carries the force to create, destroy, and to heal. The more we understand this, the more we can unlock its magic and potential. When we become aware of the power and energy that vibration and resonance has, we can use it for healing.

Vibration can influence the body through various systems and pathways. This has to do with the complexity of both sound and our vessel. When used with knowledge, wisdom and intention, it has the ability to positively alter our physical, mental, emotional and mental manifestations. It does this in profound ways that are even somewhat unimaginable. Many scientific studies showcase the power vibrational frequencies have over humans and all living organisms. From healing cancer, arthritis, insomnia and depression, to calming the mind, and even creating altered states of consciousness.

The effects of sound healing are believed to be a result of a phenomenon called entrainment. This is when one vibration synchronizes another. Typically the more harmonious will influence the lesser of the two, as our natural world is pulled towards a more harmonious resonant frequency. Our bodies naturally entrain to external and internal vibrations and rhythms. Waves of sound from music, laughter, to the rhythm of the sun and moon. As we walk our journey many outside forces are not so harmonious and can cause dissonance, and work against our natural state of being. Harmful vibrations can not only come from outside of us, but also inside; endogenous frequencies stemming from our own inner emotions, thoughts and stored traumas. This can cause us to lose balance within our subtle bodies, go into a state of disequilibrium, and ultimately the birth of illness.

We can use vibrational medicine as a way to entrain our brainwaves and tune the temple of our spirit. Bringing us into a more cosmic, harmonious rhythm that is homeostasis and ultimate awareness. There are many ways we can do this and fortunately we always carry the ability to heal ourselves with sound, as we are a walking instrument. Vocal chanting, humming, and throat singing are just a few examples of this magic we carry within. Forming relationships with instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, drums, and tuning forks are wonderful gateways to invoke the power of sacred sound. Attending sound journeys and working with a vibrational medicine practitioner is also an effective way to delve deeper into the many dimensions and possibilities that frequency can take you.

“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”Hazrat Inayat Khan

Let us not forget the very ancient, familiar, and transcendent aspect of vibration - the sanctity of sound; number in time. Our ancestors inherently knew that sound was a necessary element for living, not only in relation to our health but also our connection with source. Sound marks the creation of all things. It holds codes, portals and unseen wisdom that if humbly honored, reveals itself.

There is an abundance of accessible research, mysteries, stories and history regarding sound. It is a fascinating topic! Below is an evolving compilation of interesting and profound explorations to assist guiding you towards developing a deeper understanding inside the world of vibration.



  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Pain relief

  • Nervous system balancing

  • Synchronized brainwaves

  • Induced profound relaxation

  • Emotional release

  • Balanced subtle body

  • Promotes circulation

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased Life Force energy flow

  • Muscle tension relief

  • Decrease in chronic pain

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and depression

  • Memory improvement

  • Boosts creativity

  • Improved mood


I'm Emilia Rose, a vibrational medicine practitioner located in the hills of Golden, Colorado. I received my education at the Atma Buti® Sound and Vibrational School, where I trained under Suren Shrestha, author of How to Heal with Singing Bowls.


My focus is on creating a sacred space while being an intuitive vessel for sound to act as a medicine for the body. Each encounter is different and I use my intuition, guides, and wisdom to carry us through. I work with many different instruments including song, with a strong discipline in the use of Himalayan sound bowls directly on the body.


I am a mother of two, artist, musician, graphic designer, truth seeker, and walk the path of the Maya. Since childhood, music has been one of my greatest passions. It wasn't until my late thirties that I stepped into the manifestation of combining my love of music with medicine. It is my personal mission and great honor to bring this medicine to those who feel the calling to receive it.

I am here to assist you and to guide you into your own innate gift of harnessing the incredibly nourishing power of vibrational medicine.





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Mike Vassar

I came into my first sound bath with no expectations and left wanting to come back. What I experienced on this sound journey was simply ecstasy!  My meditative practice was heightened to a whole other level which I have only achieved since during a sound bath. After that first experience I was hooked. I attended about 10 of Emilia’s sound baths in a matter of  4-5 months bringing new friends every time. I achieved a deeper awakening of self with her guidance of sound healing, and the open space she cultivates through

her spirit.


Mia Yacteen

Emilia is a true blessing to us all. She is a cosmic being of magical proportion. Her gifts with sound, frequency, and vibration are other worldly.


Ive seen and experienced firsthand how she approaches her work with tenderness, love, and a deeply attuned intuition which guides her through your own unique needs. She’s helped me enormously with physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. I’ve been blown away by her again and again, and each session with her is a true journey. If you’ve been guided towards her, there is a reason — don’t ignore the call.


Casey Coghlan

Each session, whether private or in community, has provided me with a deeper understanding and reverence for not only the power of sound but also how it impacts, holds and heals my body and my

nervous system.


Emilia is a generous healer and her classes are my medicine.


Chris Peters

I participated in public and private sound bath at my place led by Emilia. She used many instruments such as crystal bowls, chimes, rattling, drums, tuning forks, singing bowls, bells,  and gongs. She is a master at her craft and I can feel her passion poured into it. Her amazing voice is soothing and heightens the overall experience.


After the sound bath session, she takes her time to answer any questions you have. I would highly recommend to take a sound healing bath with her. You will leave with a profound good feeling.


LET'S ENGAGE     //     Denver, Colorado

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