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Sound Journey at GVM Studios

Join me December 18 at GVM studios for a soothing journey towards harmony, through the power of frequency and vibration. The ancient practice of “bathing" in sound is used to cleanse and restore the body, mind and spirit towards homeostasis and balance by the magic of entrainment.

Using the combination of different vibrations - the shruti box, voice, Tibetan sound bowls, tingcha, tuned pipes, crystal bowl, crystal singing triangle, chimes, and drumming, this journey can act as a form of meditation which can shift the brain state and stimulate deep healing and miracles. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the Tibetan bowl vibrations directly on the body for a unique heart opening experience.

Hope to see you there!

7:30 - 8:30pm // please arrive 15 minutes early to get situated // Cost to attend is $33 (DM me for ticket purchase) // Bring a yoga mat, blanket, and wear comfortable clothing

*Complimentary dark chocolate and bottled water will be provided afterwards for grounding and refreshing

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