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Private Sound Bath

I will come to you for a beautiful meditative sound journey where you and/or a group will relax into the experience of “bathing” in sound. A sound bath is a relaxing, meditative journey where great healing, miracles, and clarities can take place through the immersion of healing vibrations. It is an opportunity to go into a state of consciousness where you are able to hear what is going on within.

Smoke medicine such as copal resin, sacred tobacco or palo santo may be used for balancing the body and the space beforehand and during, as our environment and state of energy is an important element within the experience. Often we will begin with setting intentions and going into a brief mediation. As you relax into your personal space we will journey into a deep state of relaxation and begin the sound bath. The combination of different vibrations will be used such as the shruti box, Himalayan sound bowls, tingcha, crystal bowl, gong, crystal singing triangle, chimes, voice, and drumming. Experiencing these waves of harmony has an endless amount of nourishing effects, including altering your brain waves and calming the nervous system. It can act as a form of meditation which stimulates deep healing and a higher cultivation of Life Force.


This entire process can activate many different responses in each individual, and the experiences will be uniquely different based on your specific vibration during that time. You may have an emotional release. You may fall asleep. You may astral travel. And it will be just the medicine Spirit adorns you with based on your needs and generated intentions. Sound baths generally last 1 hour, with balancing and discussion an additional hour.

During the journey, there will be the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the Tibetan bowl vibrations directly on the body using ancient techniques, for a beautiful, sacred heart opening experience. This greatly assists the body into a state of surrender which aids in the integration of healing, and raising low frequencies that are hindering your ability to vibrate at your highest potential.






1-5 people

6-10 people

11+ people

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