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Space Clearing

Sound purifies. It is a strong tool for balancing, blessing and cleansing spaces, and has the ability to clear out blockages that other tools may not penetrate as efficiently. It is an ally, a language that communicates with the unseen realm. It is a tool, and it moves, shakes and clears. It is a beautiful way to bless a new home or welcome a new shift within a space. This practice may also serve as a form of protection from unwanted outside energy.

By allowing myself to become intuitively guided, the tools that I use in each session will vary. I often incorporate smoke medicine, drumming, clapping, chanting and singing. Sessions may last 1-3 hours or more depending on the size of the space and condition of the situation. Blessed fresh flowers will be provided to be placed in the space following the sound clearing, which will amplify and aid the the highest, most harmonic frequencies. Together we will set our intentions for the session beforehand, and in-depth communication following the cleanse will take place.


1-3 hrs

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